About DataXDay

About the conference

DataXDay is a tech conference intended for developers and tech leads who want to come together and discuss about Data.

What we mean by data is not only data science and data engineering. We like to go beyond definitions and boundaries by asking ourselves challenging questions. How to test and deploy a machine learning model? And what about on-device intelligence? How to monitor streaming jobs? Multidisciplinary teams, craft principles and iterative development drive us towards solutions of quality.

About the team

Giulia Bianchi

Data Scientist, Xebia

Data Scientist, Xebia

Loïc Divad

Data Engineer, Xebia

Data Engineer, Xebia

Nelson Dufossé

Coach Agile, Xebia

Coach Agile, Xebia

Anne Beauchart

Marketing Director, Xebia

Marketing Director, Xebia

About Xebia

Xebia is an IT consulting company based in Paris with 150 consultants. Our motto is “Software Development Done Right”. Xebia applies the agile methodology to develop state-of-the-art solutions in all the fields in which Xebia is a leading actor: Big Data technologies and Data Science, Web development, Cloud infrastructure, Reactive Architecture and Mobile technologies.

Xebia believes in sharing knowledge. Xebia is a recognized actor of the flourishing tech scene in Paris thanks to its technical blog and by organizing renowned conferences Le mois de la data, Frenchkit, Paris Container Day, XebiCon.

Xebia Data Factory is a Xebia offer dedicated to Data, from Lab to Factory. Xebia Data Factory offers its customers all the skills needed to set up a (Big) Data project. Its methodological, technological and statistical knowledge makes it possible to identify the value of the data thanks to an iterative and incremental approach.

Code of Conduct

Conferences should simply be an opportunity for sharing, learning and meeting new people, in respect of all attendees, speakers and staff.
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