Videos & Slides

The internals of query execution in Spark SQL

Jacek – Laskowski

A crash course on Google Cloud AutoML and machine learning APIs

Kevin Nelson – Google

Kafka beyond the brokers: Stream processing and Monitoring

Florent Ramière – Confluent

Data lineage: visualize the data life cycle

Matthieu Blanc – Zeenea

How to deal with workflows lifecycle in Apache NiFi

Pierre Villard – Hortonworks

Enhancing medical student practice with patient-like chatbots

Samah Ghalloussi – MInistère des solidarités et de la santé

Real-Time Access log analysis

Thomas Lamirault – BlaBlaCar

Towards the ownership and monetization of personal data

Alain Bensoussan – Lexing Alain Bensoussan Avocats

How to get real-time value from your IoT data?

Vincent Poncet – Datastax

Visualizing algorithms

Samya Barkaoui & Pierre Schmidt – Toucan Toco

Tensors in the sky with CloudML

Sylvain Lequeux – Xebia

The wonders of deep learning: how to leverage it for natural language processing

Ana Peleitero – Tendam

Machine learning models at scale with Amazon SageMaker

Olivier Bergeret – AWS

Deep learning for vision into the wild

Charles Ollion – Heuritech

A data scientist journey to industrialization of machine learning

Pauline Ballereau – Air France & Nicolas Laille – Xebia

Computer vision : a pragmatic alliance between deep learning and a more traditional technique

Pablo Lopez et Pierre Sendorek – Xebia

Building a Real Time Analytics API at Scale

Sylvain Friquet – Algolia

Transforming pictures into memories

Adrien Morvan & Cristina Oprean – Photobox

Exploring graphs: looking for communities & leaders

Alberto Guggiola & Aurélia Nègre – Quantmetry